Teens: The Teens experience an exciting time with a lot of variety: Games, exciting message, enough time for exchange and communion and a lot of fun is waiting!

Bring along : 1 Snack (Something to drink and a healthy snack)

Summer Serie 2015

Together with Eric, an orphan from a faraway country, we went on a dangerous trip to the king. We learned to trust God, overcome obstacles, heal the sick, overcome giants, use the armor of God rightly and hold to the way of truth.

It’s a story that was told in the Teens class every sunday during the summer holidays. They learned different biblical themes and practiced them in a playful way. We enquired biblical truths by means of role-playing games, study of the bible, use o the anointing oil and communion etc.

The victorious trip ended by the king – in the Promised Land – and of course that must be celebrated with a fist in the forest by Rimuss and sausage. Hold on to the way of truth and your victory is guaranteed!