Kids, 4 – 8 Years:

This group enjoys biblical stories and core values according to their age, with singing, praying, doing handicraft and having fun!

Bring along:

1 Snack (Something to drink and a healthy snack)

Clothing According to the weather, so that the Kids/Teens can go outside.

Who ist he greatest in the Kingdom of God?

This question concerns the disciples. They went to Jesus and asked. His answer surprises: “Become like the children. Then you will be the greatest in God’s Kingdom!” Why? Children can’t do life alone. They need parents or adults. They look for protection, support and understanding. Children trust their parents and should obey them. No matter how old or young – this is exactly how we suppose to live with God.

Creative Group Collages are made with the topic “who is Jesus for me?” and “who is the greatest for God”. This is how the theme is amplified.


On the track of Gideon

“The Lord is with you, mighty warrior”, said God to Gideon. He was a little insecure: I need some “proves” from God to bring Israel out of their captivity: Prove Nr. 1: the wool is wet and around everything dry. Prove Nr. 2: the wool is dry and around everything wet. God fulfilled both – now Gideon was sure that he would win. The wool of Gideon and two kids “both blind” build a rectangle or an “s” form; they need to trust each other that both can build the figure together.

That was what the kids tried out. God recognized the skills of Gideon – our kids have also several of them.