As church (body of Christ) we have the responsibility to train, instruct, encourage and integrate the next generation.

Involvement is important. It’s our gratitude towards God for our redemption and the talents that He gave to us. These talents should be used as a blessing in the church and to carry out good works Eph. 2:10 in the Kingdom of God (service). Involvement promotes identification, participation, growing in faith and enables to learn through fellowship.

As Life Kingdom Church we like to:

  • Open the doors of involvement for teens and young adults.
  • To show them: that God has called them to be a member of the body/ and to be a blessing in their community.
  • To let them know: that they are very important and peculiar to show them to be a blessing in this world.
  • To encourage them to use their talents.

They get supported through the whole process of finding their talents, using them and make them available for the church and the Kingdom of God.

Details see Goals and contents