Good news for your life

Good news: God loves you. He wants you to experience His love personally. Sadly, many people are indifferent towards God and that’s why they don’t experience His love. The Bible mentions this solo attempt as sin. Sin separates us from the life, which God has prepared for us. Man cannot overcome this separation alone. This is why God became human in Jesus Christ to show us His love. Jesus died on the cross – in substitution for our mistakes. Through his resurrection he blazed the trail for fellowship with God. In the Bible it is written: «For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.» (Romans 6.23)

Through His death on the cross, He has given our life quality by eliminating all guilt and giving us a new life. He is risen and with Him everyone will, who believes.

This is the good news for your life – for you!



Your “Yes” to the good News Will change your life

Do you want to experience a life with quality and depth? A life with God’s help? I encourage you to say this prayer aloud: «Jesus Christ, I come to you now. I realise, that I have defined my life by myself and separated from you. Please, forgive me everything bad I was thinking, saying and doing. Thank you for washing away my sins, because you died and rose again. I want to trust you and ask you: Come into my life. I don’t want to live without you; I want to live with you. Change me the way you want to have me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you that I belong to you. Amen.»

Your “yes” to the good news means: All your sins and debts are forgiven. Your new life has now begun!

Remember! Speak with God everyday (= prayer). Read the Bible (= Word of God). Meet with people who also believe in Jesus

(= find a Church). Tell others about God.


Fulfilled Life full of Joy and Power

Jesus Christ is our centre, the Bible our ultimate: We learn from the Bible, that God wants to have fellowship with us. How He loves us. How we can communicate with Him. What an unexpected perspective to life! By it we experience changes in our daily life. Come and be part of this. A powerful message is waiting for you. Challenging and Life – changing.

The Life Kingdom Church International (LKCI) is a Free Church, constituted as an association and provides an opportunity of community. The audience is of different ages and international. Our Focus: Sunday Service with children’s program and Bible Study on Tuesday evening. We also have a Bookshop and a Café.