We believe that Jesus Christ can meet all needs of a human being, which worship Him as God. Jesus came to meet all our needs, to heal the sick, to give food to the needy and bring joy to the downcast so that the people can listen and open up for the message of God. As the church of Jesus Christ we have the mission from God, to help the poor, orphan and needy people on three levels – Body, soul and spirit (James 2:15-16).

Kingdom Charity has three arms:

Kingdom Project

Regular contributions to Christian organisations. Kingdom Refuge Girls Home Eluru India, is a home for girls in India. We visit them once or twice in a year to have a good contact with the girls that we support.

Kingdom Hand

One time donations for areas of conflict. We take part with donation for different social aid which support areas of conflict like Haiti, Japan or Somalia.

Love Offerings

Instant support for people in our environment. Poverty exists not only outside of Switzerland but also in our environment. Those situations we like to change with instant donations.