Natural Birth

The birth of our firstborn was very difficult, long and ended with a C-Section.
It took us some time to be ready for another child. As we were finally ready, my wife had a miscarriage. Shortly afterwards she accepted Christ as her Saviour. Our Pastor encouraged us and prayed with us for a healthy baby and a natural birth. My wife got baptised in water and became pregnant the same month. Different medical doctors assured us that a natural birth would be impossible due to my wife’s pelvis. We didn’t accept their prediction, but we steadfastly kept on believing God and His Word which said everything would be possible with Him. During the birth I was praising God and praying and my wife gave birth naturally. When our daughter was born, she wasn’t breathing and many doctors rushed to intervene. I was totally peaceful. I knew my babygirl is perfect. I prayed in tongues and proclaimed life over her and that was it! She started breathing. God is faithful and able!

We give God all the Glory!

Free from Smoking

In our last Fasting week I decided instead of not eating – which would have been too challenging for me – I would abstain from smoking. On Friday Night after prayer I thought:” Well, everybody starts eating now, I wil enjoy a cigarette! Happily I went to may balcony and enlightend my cigarette. After a few drags I heard a voice: “Your smoke offering is an atrocity to me!” A great respect – a holy fear – came over me and I quickly quenched the cigarette and washed the ashtray clean. I never smoked again since and I’m totally delivered from that addiction.

To God be the Glory!

From joblessness to a executive position

Six months ago I received Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour and I started visiting the services at Life Kingdom Church regularly. My situation was not good, as I did not have a job and also no unemployment benefits. I was very desperate and I began to pray and fast. I was never alone, a lot of sisters and brothers were also praying for me. The result of that was that God made it possible for me to be in a fortunate position to choose between different good offers. To the glory of God and with my heart full of gratitude, I can confidently compete for an executive position.


Free from sleep disturbance

Five years ago I started with my Study at ETH and besides I was also active in competitive sport. In this time I developed a strong sleep disturbance.

Everyday life was impossible with this enormous sleep deprivation. I was admitted to a sleep clinic. They first gave me sleeping pills and after the desired results failed to appear they started with Antidepressant. That is according to the doctor the standard treatment.

After four years my body was used to the medication and they failed to help. I decided – against all the doctors’ recommendation – to stop the entire medication. For a period of two weeks I could not sleep at all and I also had huge withdrawal symptoms. As I was unable to see any way out, I contacted my Uncle Markus. He is a member of Life Kingdom Church and I saw that his life was changed.

Indeed after his prayer I experienced the first night with little sleep. Shortly after I had my first meeting with Pastor Thomson. I quickly realized that I had to take responsibility for my life and I could not just go home and sleep. According to John 10:10 there is a thief that wants to steal my life and my sleep. My new motto was: “Welcome to the fight!” I had to take all the trainings and competition strategies from the Triathlon and put it into my spiritual race and “fight the good fight of faith”. My sleep improved from month to month. Every training camp – and what I mean with that is – every fasting week, my sleep was catapulted to a new level.

During our last fasting week in January 2016 I knew in my heart, that I was finally healed. The reason why it took some months is of course not God, No! I received the keys to a healthy life in the beginning of my conversations with Pastor Thomson. But I needed to renew my thoughts and to use the keys: away from sorrows, fears and defeat to trust, faith and victory!

For my Master’s thesis, I worked almost a year in the sleep research and I can boldly say: all the high–ranking and scientific journals become a comic book when you compare them with the Word of God!


Top performance

For a long time my school marks went downhill. It was not only my school marks but also the situation at home wasn’t easy. I had difficulty to behave properly and my parents were thinking about sending me to a boarding school.

My whole life started to change, when I started attending Life Kingdom Church through the invitation of my mother. I not only was healed from sicknesses but also my school marks started to improve. I have become so smart that I am now one of the best students and that is not all, I can also change class(promotion).

God answers your heart desire

For many years I was working 100% and had not enough time for my family. For two years I was asking my employer if I could reduce to 50%. This request was always rejected. So I went to Pastor Thomson and asked him for counsel. He was praying with me and told me to go back and ask again. What a miracle! My employer agreed.

Healed from kidney stones

One night I was suffering from terrible stomach pain. It was so strong that I fainted. The ambulance came and they brought me to the hospital. The investigation revealed that I had several big kidney stones. The doctor pointed to the fact that the removal of the stones would be very painful.

With this diagnosis I went home, I put the whole situation into God’s hands and I did not care about it anymore. I didn’t think about it for one second. After some weeks I received a phone call from the doctor. He said that I needed to come to the hospital immediately. My wife reminded me of what is written in 1 John 4:17b ” … because as He is, so are we in this world.”

After I arrived in the place the doctor started with the ultrasound scan. First he checked one side and he was perplexed and said “ there are no kidney stones!” Right there he was thinking that the scan was made on the wrong side. So the other side was next. But also on the other side was nothing to find and so the doctor being surprised, pronounced “ There are really no kidney stones!”


Jesus my Healer

Before I gave my life to Christ, they found a tumor in my uterus, which must be surgically removed. Later as I received Jesus as my savoir and healer I went to a routine check. The evaluation of the control showed that there was a new tumor in the uterus. The doctor wanted to see me after 6 Month to another routine.

During this months pastor prayed with me and anoint me , and told me to continue to anoint myself until the next control. I was sure, that it will be well. After the six month, I went to another control and to the astonishment of the doctor there was no single trace of a tumor. The doctor said it is impossible, and I witness to her that with Jesus all things are possible to the glory of God.

Jesus is Lord


The power in the anointing oil

I needed to bring my three-year-old son to the hospital because of a severe flu. They wanted to keep him for observation. During the next few days I stayed in the infection department because of the dangerous flu. During this time my son didn’t want to eat or drink. He became weaker and weaker. For me it was very difficult to watch my son in this status.

I asked Pastor Thomson to come and anoint him. Because the Bible says in James 5:14 “Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.”

I was very thankful and believed in the anointing oil and the prophetic word of Pastor. On the same day my son started to eat and drink again. And the next day he was discharged. Glory to God.

Jesus the heart specialist

As a result of a fall my father injured his knee and rips. The day after the fall he could not walk again. I brought my father to the hospital. There he needed to stay three weeks because of his weak, already operated heart. Water was gathering around his heart and the situation became worse. Very dangerous was the water in his lungs.

My wife and I were visiting him daily and prayed and anointed him. We also took the communion with him. The situation did not change so I started to battle with fear.

Pastor Thomson came and prayed for him and anointed him, and spoke healing words and we believed it. Our faith started to bring result and my father started to recover and he was discharged from the hospital. The doctor admonished us to go to a heart specialist because the heart condition was very bad. So we fixed a date with a specialist. Before the date Pastor anointed my father again. The specialist examined his heart and gave us the conformation that: All is very well.


Healing from epilepsy

When our son was around four years old he had an epileptic seizure. In the following days and weeks he suffered repeatedly from attacks like this. Over time the situation got worse and worse. He even started to have convulsions in his hands, arms and face. Our son had to wear a helmet to protect his head from the many collapses.

Two years later in which our son had to stay many times in the epilepsy clinic and after several attempts to stop the attacks with medicament we received a very sad report: the leading doctor of the epilepsy clinic told us that they don’t know what to do anymore and they would like to handover the case to research. The report also said that our son’s brain had only 10 seconds break between the epileptic attacks. We had to watch how our son disappeared behind this curtain of continuous attacks.

But, glory be to God, in the meantime we have experienced the grace of Jesus Christ and we came to know that by His stripes we were healed. This revelation enabled us to rebuke the report which said that our son was a hopeless case and instead stand on God’s promises of healing.

God is faithful and not a man who could lie. Three days after the last hopeless medical report, our son woke up and never had an epileptic attack or convulsion again. This supernatural miracle was performed by our Lord and Savior our Father and Healer Jesus Christ. To him we give all the glory and gratefulness.

“Amen! Praise and glory and wisdom and thanks and honor and power and strength be to our God for ever and ever. Amen!” (Revelation 7:12)

Free from cigarettes and sickness

As I began to come to Life Kingdom Church and to listen to the powerful messages from our Pastor Thomson I realised that he talked a lot about divine health.

At that point in time I was addicted to cigarettes and I had regular back pain and hay fever. Then I started to medidate a lot about Pastor words. I asked myself why is he preaching much about divine health and I started to searched the scriptures from every verse about divine health until they were deep in my heart. One day I was smoking a cigarette and God said to me: „ This is your last cigarette“ and that was it. God is faithful and His words never fail. Since that time I did not feel any lust for cigarettes again. I was healed from my addiction. Hallelujah!

With my understanding about divine health, I began to speak the promises of God over my life and the back pain and hay fever disapeared. Since then I am healed.

Glory be to God!